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August 29, 2017

UTRECHT, Netherlands — Els van der Heijden, who has cystic fibrosis, was finding it ever harder to breathe as her lungs filled with thick, sticky mucus. Despite taking more than a dozen pills and inhalers a day, the 53-year-old had to stop working and scale back doing the thing she loved best,…

Genetic Frontiers Growing Mini Organs-4

August 22, 2017

NEW YORK — If you learned your DNA made you more susceptible to getting a disease, wouldn’t you work to stay healthy?

You’d quit smoking, eat better, ramp up your exercise, or do whatever else it took to improve your odds of avoiding maladies like obesity, diabetes, heart disease…

Science Says Reacting to DNA

August 15, 2017

Scientists have the first major evidence that blood tests called liquid biopsies hold promise for screening people for cancer. Hong Kong doctors tried it for a type of head and neck cancer, and boosted early detection and one measure of survival.

The tests detect DNA that tumors shed into the blood.…

Cancer Screening Blood Test

August 08, 2017

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico  — Jesus Aponte pushes a door open to reveal hundreds of aromatic, spiky green plants, a crop that Puerto Rico hopes will help it ease a grinding economic crisis by generating millions in revenue and tens of thousands of jobs.

Aponte, a 29-year-old biologist and…

Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana

August 01, 2017

People who used e-cigarettes were more likely to kick the habit than those who did not, a new study found.

Nicotine patches, gums and medications are known to aid smoking cessation, but there is no consensus on whether vaping devices can help anti-smoking efforts. 

The U.S. research is the…

E-Cigarettes and Smoking

July 25, 2017

WASHINGTON — Seek a good education. Control blood pressure and diabetes. Get off the couch. There are some hints, but no proof yet, that these and other lifestyle changes just might help stave off dementia.

A provocative report in the British journal Lancet Thursday raised the prospect that a…

Alzheimers Lifestyle

July 18, 2017

ASHEVILLE — A quiet, unsmiling little girl with big brown eyes crawls inside a carpeted cubicle, hugs a stuffed teddy bear tight, and turns her head away from the noisy classroom.

The safe spaces, quiet times and breathing exercises for her and the other preschoolers at the Verner Center for…

Toxic Stress In Kids-1

July 11, 2017

NEW YORK  — Tick populations are exploding? Tick-borne diseases are on the rise?

Some recent headlines suggest Americans are facing a particularly bad year for tick bites and illnesses, but the evidence is patchy and the science complicated. 

What may be true in one part of the…

Science Says Tick Season

July 08, 2017

CARY — Learning to breast-feed her newborn son Max brought Amy Hambright to tears — and they were not happy tears.

The experience was frustrating and painful for both mother and child. Max had a shallow latch in which the nipple didn’t get to the back of his palate, and Hambright…

Exchange Breast Milk Shortage-2

July 04, 2017

WASHINGTON  — The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but do not let your guard down — especially if you are pregnant or trying to be.

While cases of the birth defect-causing virus have dropped sharply from last year’s peak in parts of Latin America and the…

Science Says Zika
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