Speak Up: Columnist hits the right notes on immigration


Sunday, February 11, 2018

I want to congratulate the columnist, Walter E. Williams, for the article in the Telegram “Lies, hypocrisy cloud immigration debate” on Jan. 31.

There are others who have written good reports but he sums it up in writing “we should not fall prey to people who criticize our efforts to combat illegal immigration and who pompously say we are a nation of immigrants.”

The debate is not over immigration; the debate is over illegal immigration.

Previously he wrote it is very unfortunate that our nation has political groups who seek to use illegal immigration for their own benefit.

They created sanctuary cities and states for those who have broken our laws.

I'd ask whether for the sake of equality before the law, we should apply the sanctuary concept to Americans who have broken other laws such as robbers and tax evaders.

To me it is not hard to see that the votes etc. are the objects of their generous unrealistic evaluation of the rights of the legals or the push for their continuous support for illegal aliens supposed rights.

I think all these people need to be made to go live for a while in those countries that are Marxist and socialist that they are trying so hard to force on the real American people.

Unless God intervenes, that is where we are headed.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that the swamp needs draining or it is going to become a wheel of socialism and full sway over our constitution's demise and Americanism as we know it.

Thank you Walter E. Williams, Julia Manning, Mike Armstrong and others who say the sense of America's greatness is because of the wisdom of those first founders of our nation under God and not of those of today's political parasites.