Letter to the Editor: End immigration policies now


Monday, January 22, 2018

The Rocky Mount Telegram notified me of its new policy: Limit Letters to the Editor to 400 words.

It is much easier for me to put forth a reasonable debate if I have a 600-word limit.

Democrats and a few Republicans in Washington are putting illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens.

Sixty percent of voters favor a “points system” that assigns value based on criteria such as education, English proficiency and prospective earnings in the U.S (merit based immigration).

Our president campaigned on building a border wall, stopping chain-migration and ending the visa lottery.

Why? Because open borders, chain-migration and the lottery undermine national security.

Instead of merit-based migration, family relations are all that are required to obtain a green card. In turn, these Immigrants become citizens within a short period of time, with access to federal welfare and government benefits.

If we will consider the statistics below, we should understand why we need a border wall, why we need to stop chain-migration and the visa lottery for national security purposes.

Some statics you may not be aware of:

■ Immigrants are more likely to commit murder

■ Immigrants are more likely to commit manslaughter

■ Immigrants are more likely to be gang members

■ Twenty-plus honor killings per year among immigrants

■ 1,500 forced marriages per year among immigrants

■ 70,000 sex crimes committed by Immigrants.

■ 73 percent of terrorism convictions involve Immigrants, mostly through chain migration.

While immigrants are only about 13 percent of the U.S. population, they are responsible for a much higher percentage of our crimes.

Percentage of non-citizen federal crimes committed:

■ 22 percent of murders.

■ 18 percent of fraud.

■ 33 percent of money laundering cases.

■ 29 percent of drug trafficking.

■ 72 percent of drug possession.

Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $135 billion per year, which is $18,035 per illegal immigrant. I think we can build a five-star border wall with that money and have large chunk left over to pay down our national debt.

Congress needs to stop chain migration and the visa lottery. They need to fund the border wall, legislate and enforce merit-based immigration, vet our illegal Immigrants and allow those who pass the merit-based test to get in line to become American citizens. Our national security is at risk.

Call your Congress members.


Spring Hope