Letter to the Editor: It's time to end the 'welfare state' in U.S.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Lets end the “welfare state” in America.

Can you do that – end the “welfare state”?

Probably not. It's too massive to ever end it completely.

Still, ending the “welfare state” is a noble goal, one worth pursuing.

The “welfare state” is not just about welfare, though, that program plays a major part.

The “welfare state” consists of all the associated government aid programs including food stamps, Medicaid and all the rest.

Remember Bill Clinton's call to end “welfare” as we know it?

That war in the 1990's. Then President Clinton instituted a program known as “welfare to work,” The idea, which met with the approval of Congress, was to get welfare recipients back in the work force. From welfare to work, it was. Precisely.

The idea took hold for a while. People were moving off the welfare rolls. Under President Obama the idea was largely scrapped. The number on government aid programs exploded, especially those receiving food stamps.

Also, under President Obama, the workforce shrank as more and more Americans dropped out of the workforce.

How does that happen, that someone can drop out of the workforce and quit looking for work?

How do they get by?

Now with the economy growing once again, it's time to pursue the end of the “welfare state” once and for all.


Rocky Mount