Letter to the Editor: Harper brings awareness of opioid crisis


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The people of Rocky Mount and surrounding areas are really getting interesting reading from Amelia Harper’s series on the opioid crisis here in the Twin Counties.

Not only is she telling of the real crisis we are experiencing, but how it not only affects families, but the general public as well. You do not have to have a direct tie to someone with an addiction to see and feel its trickle-down effect on the general public.

She has managed to interview, inspect, investigate and report in her series true statistics, no matter how gruesome the reality. Kudos to Amelia not only for her excellent journalistic skills but also her effort to bring attention to what is killing so many people needlessly today.

Amelia has also detailed in her reporting how to get and receive help, if people truly want it. She has brought awareness to the public and for that we are grateful. I think you have an award-winning series here.

Good reporting, Amelia!


Rocky Mount