January 21, 2018

People tell me that they would like to work in a library because they love to read.

Reading is important to library staff members, but there is no time for it at work. Here is a short list of some of what we are doing. Of course the library loans books, but we also answer questions, fax for the…

Mary Tom Bass: New facilities to train future workforce

January 14, 2018

The December announcements of Corning Inc. and Triangle Tire Co. locating at the Kingsboro megasite were an end-of-the-year windfall for Edgecombe County.

Corning plans to build a global distribution center, bringing 111 new jobs to the county. Triangle Tire will build two manufacturing plants that…

Rochelle Small-Toney: New department to help city flouirsh

January 07, 2018

Live, work and play is an adage that is heard more often.

That’s because cities like Rocky Mount understand the importance of having nice, affordable housing, establishing jobs and creating recreational venues for all ages. Making Rocky Mount a better place to live, work and play is one…

Ginny Mohrbutter: United Way thankful for community support

December 31, 2017

United Way is one of the most recognized nonprofits in our community and around the country. Its logo of the open hand and the rainbow symbolizes the effort to mobilize the care and compassion of our community, promoting brighter tomorrows.

In our community, United Way Tar River Region has been…