Bill Stancil: A day to remember the ones we love best


Bill Stancil


By Bill Stancil
The Billboard

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day again, so be sure you remember all of the right things to do on this hallowed day ... or else.

If you have forgotten about it, just go back in your memory to your grammar school days, for it may have been there that you were introduced to Valentine cards and what they are for.

When I was in grammar school, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the classroom with a party given by the teacher and the grade mothers. The teacher kept a box that you could put Valentine cards in, addressed to that cute little girl or fine-looking little boy you wanted to notice you. You hoped that by giving them a Valentine, it would smooth the path to love for you. Most of the time, it did not, of course. But no matter, you had years to go.

That tradition continued until you got into the higher grades. By then, you may have had a steady girlfriend or boyfriend, and you dared not forget each Valentine’s Day from then on.

Later, you were married, but maybe not to the same boy or girl you worshipped in school – or you may have, for some of the classmates married each other as time ticked on through high school or college and then poured us out into ... you know, the real world of our parents. Some of them worked almost day and night to put us through school.

If they are still living, don’t forget them on this special day.

And along with those things we learned about the real world, we also learned that horrible truth that we would keep from our children as long as we could – that there is no such as animal as a Valentine bunny who brings cards, flowers and candy to children or to husbands and wives who are good.

No. Valentine’s Day is controlled by a merchandising conglomerate comprised of card companies, candy companies and flower companies. If you are married, you already know that as well as I do. And that sweet thing you married (’til death do us part) still expects the same love and consideration that you gave her all those years ago.

I love going back all those years to remember how young my classmates and I were then and both the wonderful and not so wonderful times we had when we were together.

Now when time for our annual school reunion comes, we are together again and I look at them and recall how each of us were back then and whom we married – classmates or not classmates. But most of all, I remember how fortunate that we came up in a time that was more fun and less violent than today, and I thank God for it.

Today is the big day and I’m putting my heart into it, so if you are not prepared for it, stop reading and pick up the phone and call a florist or go somewhere you can find the perfect Valentine gift.

And now, thank God, I don’t have to worry about things such as Valentine’s Day because both she and I will be remembered on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is going well, also.