November 23, 2017

Not long ago, tech was the coolest industry. Everybody wanted to work at Google, Facebook and Apple. But over the past year the mood has shifted.

Some now believe tech is like the tobacco industry – corporations that make billions of dollars peddling a destructive addiction. Some believe…


November 22, 2017

N.C. Reps. Grier Martin and Cynthia Ball, both D-Wake, agree on most of the issues that come before the legislature, but it’s possible that 2018’s election could pit them against each other in the Democratic primary.

Martin and Ball are among at least four pairs of incumbents that would…


November 20, 2017

Donald Trump is back from Asia. What do you think he’ll be doing next?

A) Pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey.

B) Urging Congress to pass a clean, simple, middle-class-friendly tax bill.

C) Pardoning Sean Hannity.

The answer is A, obviously. Turkey gets a reprieve on Tuesday. And rumors that…


November 19, 2017

I could always hear John McLaughlin long before I could see him.

The larger-than-life former Jesuit priest, Nixon speechwriter, and host of the “McLaughlin Group” public-television show from 1982 to 2016 was just as loud and bumptious in person as he was on TV. I never worked for him,…


November 18, 2017

Why are so many conservative evangelicals in Alabama still supporting Roy Moore? For that matter, why have so many evangelicals around the country spent the past two years embracing Donald Trump?

I just took part in a compelling conversation on this subject at the Faith Angle Forum, founded by the…


November 17, 2017

We haven’t quite made it to Thanksgiving, but forget the turkey, grab your pocketbooks and listen to the jingle bells, urging us on toward December.

Christmas will not come early, except to the retailers, and they certainly know the magic lure of early Christmas shopping, when the best price…


November 16, 2017

Back when congressional Republicans were rolling out one unpopular health care bill after another, it was a challenge to come up with constructive advice on how to fix their efforts. That’s because Republicans had set themselves an impossible task with health reform: They were trying to do…


November 15, 2017

An unusually contentious season of municipal elections has come to an end, and 2018 races for legislature and Congress are already well under way in North Carolina.

Nationally, Election Day 2017 is being viewed as a huge victory for Democrats, particularly in states like Virginia and New Jersey…


November 14, 2017

To understand the upheaval that is taking place in Saudi Arabia today, you have to start with the most important political fact about that country: The dominant shaping political force there for the past four decades has not been Islamism, fundamentalism, liberalism, capitalism or ISISism.

It has…


November 13, 2017

Donald Trump has been trying to celebrate his one-year anniversary as president, and all he gets is terrible political news. His party got skunked in Tuesday’s elections, his associates keep getting tied to the Russians and the Republicans in Congress are flailing around like a bunch of…

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