N.C. Wesleyan to host marketing innovation conference


Skip Carney speaks during the 2017 Marketing Innovation Experience at N.C. Wesleyan College.


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Monday, February 12, 2018

N.C. Wesleyan College will host a day-long conference on March 7 in the Dunn Center that will feature experts on marketing, innovation and customer experience.

The topics of the upcoming Marketing Innovation Experience will include The Power of UX (user experience), The Keys to Innovation, Exceeding Expectations, How to Thrive at the Speed of Change, Forging Values, Marketing with Technology and Video Storytelling.

“We are excited to present this program of outstanding thought leaders,” N.C. Wesleyan President Dewey Clark. “The original Marketing Innovation Experience debuted in 2016. The college is hoping to make this an annual event. “Every organization, for profit and not-for-profit can find value in this exciting day of marketing innovation.”

The program includes published authors, industry recognized expert and award-winning professionals in the fields of innovation, marketing, branding, user experience (UX), technology and digital storytelling. It will be great for students of business and marketing, social media & digital marketers, creative directors, sales managers and teams, marketing professionals, marketing directors, thought leaders and CEOs, COOs and CMOs.

“This will be a day of mind-opening information and inspiration,” said Skip Carney, who will be presenting at the MiX. “This day will go beyond advertising or marketing. Attendees will get a new perspective on how they approach business, how and what they communicate with their audiences and interact with their customers.”

Exceeding Expectations: Stan Phelps, a speaker, workshop facilitator and author of “What’s Your Purple Goldfish?” will be presenting on a new model for customer service. The key to “word of mouth” is creating an experience which makes people talk. Here you will learn how exceeding expectations is the new norm. Phelps has traveled the globe delivering his unique approach to the “wow” factor.

The Power of UX: During this session Kate Kaplan, Strategy VP and UX Leader, will focus on communicating your brand value with a human-centered message architecture. You will gain knowledge on creating a user experience (UX) that distinguishes and empowers your brand.

The Keys to Innovation: Rocky Mount’s Skip Carney will again be a part of the experience.

“We are excited to join this elite team of presenters,” Carney said. “We will share ideas that will add to the value proposition through the power of customer-focused innovation.”

Carney will teach the four steps to finding and marketing innovation in any organization regardless of size or budget. He will teach the process for discovering the “Why?” that adds the innovation to marketing.

How to Thrive at the Speed of Change: Melissa Kennedy, a transformer, innovator and best selling author of The Innovation Revolution - Discovering the Genius Hidden in Plain Sight, will discuss how to cultivate an effective mindset for the 21st-century leader and innovator. By the end you will be able to answer questions like, “How can I judge trend from fad?” “How do I become decisive, yet flexible?” and “How do I lead confidently through chaos to win?”.

Forging Values: Robert Ferguson, a speaker, author and consultant, will share how to transform companies from good to great. This will be a hands-on session to reveal your core values and a strategy to make them part of your organization’s brand and DNA. Find out the 17 most common values shared across Fortune 500 companies and why these values do not make a difference.

Using Technology to Win with Your Customers: In this session you will identify the opportunities for innovation in your company, create an action-oriented plan for success, and so much more. Speaker, workshop facilitator and author Evan Carroll will reveals how to use technology to improve customer experience. You will leave with the tools to implement technology-enabled customer experience programs in your company.

Video is the most powerful and effective form of marketing communication available, and with the explosion of the internet, mobile devices, and social media, the opportunity to use video effectively has grown exponentially. International award-winning writer, producer and director Sean Tracey will show you how to engage, enlighten and entertain your customers with video in this digital age.

Clark said the program will be especially valuable to business owners, CEOs and anyone involved in marketing.

“We are expecting a great cross-section of attendees from manufacturing, banking, marketing, higher education and health care from throughout North Carolina,” he said.

For more information and registration, visit www.marketinginnovation.cc